Freaking Fosters - OLAN ROGERS

Freaking Fosters

 Curiosity got the best of you huh? So what the story behind the Freaking Fosters?
First off it's made with Jeni's Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Sprecher's Orange Dream (Orange Cream) Top with our freshly made whipped cream. It's a fan favorite at the shop! 

The story behind it is back in my Sophomore year in high school my Dad got laid off his job and we were going to move from Memphis closer to family in Springfield, MO. In order for me to start school when everyone started my Aunt (Nurse) and Uncle (High School Science Teacher) took me in. They lived right outside of Springfield in a small country town of FairGrove. I can't even imagine how hard my Dad was working who was back home trying to sell the house and look for a job. For six months I lived with my Aunt and Uncle it was extremely awkward at first being I had no idea who these people were and I was a way different person back then. The Sprecher,s Orange Dream was a something they introduced to me. They would hit up Andy's Ice Cream and grab a four pack every now and again. I remember they gave me a bottle out of this four pack for the first time. For some reason in that moment I felt like everything was going to be ok. Every time I have a Specher's Orange Dream I think about these guys. My Dad later found a job back in Memphis and I moved back but we remained pretty close. Naturally the first soda I hunted down was Sprechers Orange Dream. I wanted it on tap however they only dispense it in a keg. So we actually don't make anything off of this float since we make it with the bottle. It's really just a reminder of a time I was scared out of my mind and was comforted with a soda by the Freaking Fosters.

-Olan Rogers